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Art Installations

Approved Art Grants:

We are still negotiating all our terms with the art grant recipients and will be providing details on the funded projects and their creators on our website soon. In the meantime, we are excited to announce the names of the projects who have accepted our funding offers.

  • Street Signs – Yet another year of our absolutely awesome street signs!

  • The Very Unbalanced Tea Party – A “Madhatter’s Tea Party” themed project/event!

  • trEE Roots – A project to plant native trees at Twin Springs commemorating our event!

  • Music Go Round / Sound N Spin – Musical chairs meets a Merry-Go-Round!

  • Canopy of Dragonflies – An interactive puppet troop by the creators of Dazbog!

  • String Theory – Blacklight reactive string art wrapped around structures!

  • Ekur – Think of the Great Pyramid of Giza and you’re on your way there!

  • Balloon Chain – Yup, we’re bringing back the giant balloon chain!

  • Blacklight Mural – An awesome, interactive, blacklight painting created in the middle of the meadow live by two local mural artists!
  • Pyramid of Life – A gorgeous, human-sized pyramid structure incorporating imagery from the flower of life!
  • Monsters! – lifesize monster puppets by one of the co-creators of Dazbog. They made a splash at TreeFort!
  • Prayer Flags – An integral part of our opening ceremony borrowing from the Buddhist tradition of prayer flag
  • Percuss-O-Vision – A visual projection system controlled by a live drummer accompanying music!
  • Oasis of Weird – A weird Art Piece representing change, growth and personal empowerment, put on by Boise’s biggest theme camp
  • Flash Installation – A device enabling all of our amazing, professional photographers to take real-time, remote controlled flash photography from mounts installed on our domes!
  • Lunar Rest Alpha – A lunar/space-themed chill dome located near “this” stage for your relaxation and pleasure.

Thanks again to everyone who applied, even if we weren’t able to approve your project or give it funding. We love all of you and hope you still contribute to the event!

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