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Sound Camps

Approved Sound Camps:

Happy Hour – Bend, OR

Fun, dancing and relaxation at an eccentric dance pad creating a chill-out vibe and a comfy crash corner. Featuring white-board open time slots for DJ’s, a bocce court, a tapestry community-art project and visually stimulating lighting running day and night. It’s a perfect oasis for daytime music and relaxing.

Morning Wood Ranch Kindergarten / Old Folk’s Home – Portland, OR

Are the kids running the class or are the old people disguising themselves as children? Who’s in charge here anyway and who will change my diaper? Is it nap time yet? Join Morning Wood Ranch Kindergarten & Retirement Home for a bevy of activities such as: recess, nap time, classes/workshops, blanket forts, field trips, buddy systems, and a few daytime dance parties.

Boom Camp – Seattle, WA

Go For It! Boom box jam culture complete with a Saturday theme party (think 80’s and 90’s mainstream hip-hop, parachute pants and break dancers) life-sized Operation and Jenga games, Ping-Pong with a twist and a slew of other interesting and weird environments for insiders and outsiders to visit. While taking a break between games and dancing, one can relax in the camp Chill Dome, visit the Fortune Telling Tent or frolic in the meadow in a costume from the Trunk of Funk.

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