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Special Events

  • Esthetic & Friends Photo Montage! – Join us at “The Other Stage” during the transition from Dopamine to Longwalkshortdock as we celebrate ten years of our event’s amazing history through pictures and sound. Esthetic co-producer Devin Kelly (AKA Adlib) has been working with everyone’s favorite freaky photographer, Dave Matthews, to build a beautiful pictographic look at our evolution, accompanied by a beautiful, nostalgic and somewhat silly soundtrack.
  • Opening Ceremony & Parade – Our opening ceremony is perhaps one of the most pivotally important parts of Esthetic Evolution.  It is a way for all of us to come together, set our intention and create a sacred, profound, peaceful and fun space at Twin Springs.  Please join longtime opening ceremony host Eric Wallace and our entire crew at “That” stage at 5pm on Friday.  Please remember to arrive at the event early enough to setup your camp and join us! 
  • Breakfast with ManosMany of you will remember the incredible food offerings people provided during the EPIC closing set from Manos and from Sunday morning in 2011.  We are very happy to be bringing Breakfast with Manos back.  Join us from 7am-??? on Saturday morning at “The Other” stage for food and fun, and remember to bring something to share!
  • Burger Fest - Our annual tradition continues!  Join us Saturday at 5pm for all sorts of meat and veggie burger options at Grillzilla (in the middle of the meadow)!  Feel free to bring your own, or partake of our free (but questionable) meat.
  • Sweet Peeps Kitchen – Sweet Peeps have been feeding people free, delicious, healthy food in the NW festival community for several years now.  They have fed all of our Esthetic performers dinner for the last couple years.  They will be returning for performer meals again this year, but also providing free grub for the masses.  Be on the lookout for them in the meadow Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings! 
  • Super Duper Superlative Awards!A toast and roast celebrating some of our favorite memories, moments and people from the last ten years of Esthetic Evolution.  Join us at “The Other” stage at 5pm on Sunday for the ridicularity! 
  • Pink Paulee Parade– There are innumerable recurring sub-events, traditions and even memes that have emerged from Esthetic over the years.  One of them is our dear friend Paulee’s donning of the pink dress on Sunday morning, which began back in year five and has continued since.  Paulee’s partner is expecting a baby right after the final Esthetic, so he can’t make it.  While this is deeply saddening for us, we have also decided to carry the torch for him with the Pink Paulee Parade on Monday morning.  That’s right, gentlemen!  Bring your finest pink attire and get ready to don it and prance around the meadow on Monday morning.  You’ll also surely want to see to whom Paulee has bequeathed the pink dress! 

We will also have a number of other events going on, including a bunch of fun surprises!  Please check our billboard at the event for more announcements and get ready for all sorts of awesomeness!

Super Duper Superlative Awards

We are extremely excited to announce that Esthetic’s final year will feature a “super duper superlative” award ceremony! We will be giving out a number of awards for things both heartfelt and ridiculously silly. Categories could include things such as “best non-funded art project,” “best new friend collector,” “best dirt napper,” “most inappropriate use of chaps,” “longest time spent passed out in a porta-pottie,” “most likely to forget a headliner at the airport” or “best renegade DJ set.”

We appreciate all of you who participated in the nomination process and look forward to sharing the results with everyone at the Event!

Other Special Events

We are still working on the details for extra events which will be occurring throughout the festival.  If you are interested in participating in any of these special events or have an idea of your own, please feel free to contact us at:

If you need any special arrangements for your project, please contact us in advance and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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