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Leave No Trace

The Pack It In / Pack It Out Mentality

Esthetic Evolution is a Leave-No-Trace camping event. Each participant is encouraged to stay all weekend and is responsible for their own trash and other personal items they bring with them. The ethic is very simple; if you bring it to the Festival, you take it home with you (Pack It In / Pack It Out). Please respect our Mother Earth and your fellow community members by cleaning up after yourself. You are asked to contribute as much time as necessary to keep the space you occupy at the Festival as close as possible to its natural state before your arrival and show no sign of your presence once you leave.

We also appreciate any effort you make to keep the Stage areas and the meadow outside your camp just as clean as your personal space. Please take anything you may bring with you to one of the Stages, back with you once you return to your camp. If you are away from it OR if you notice someone discarding trash where it doesn’t belong, please ask them to do the same.

Make It Easy On Yourself: Plan Ahead

It is essential that you plan ahead for a place to put your bags of trash to transport them back to your home or the city where they can be disposed of properly. Due to the remote location of the event, neither the Event nor Twin Springs can provide trash services for the number of attendees at Esthetic Evolution. Any further effort on your part in regards to recycling your discarded items upon you arrival back to your home destination is greatly appreciated by your mother earth and strongly advocated by all of us here at pr0cess & People Of Earth (P.O.E.).

We absolutely cannot stress the importance of this issue enough. If the Event has to begin assuming responsibility for your trash, the expense of the Festival will be increased dramatically. This is something we have tried very hard to avoid. In addition, if irresponsible participants leave their trash on the side of the road or do not otherwise properly dispose of their trash and recycling, it is very likely that the Festival will be shut down by the county or we will lose our privilege at the resort location.

Tips & Tricks to Reduce Your Waste

There are things you can do to reduce your waste and therefore the amount of garbage you will need to bring back with you. Much of this will require that you plan ahead and make sure you allow yourself enough time to pack in an organized way.

The first thing you can do is to reduce the amount of potential waste you may bring with you BEFORE leaving town. Remove some or all of the packaging on food products and put the food into reusable plastic containers. If you don’t bring that extra bit of wrapping that will inevitably become trash, you won’t have to take it with you!

Cans or plastic bottles are lighter and a more manageable alternative to glass. Drinks packaged in aluminum or plastic can be smashed down into a much smaller size, once they are empty, which reduces the amount of space that your recycling will take up.

Another thing you can do, if you do have to bring along products which produce waste (i.e. food supplies), we recommend you use products which are packaged in paper or cardboard which can be burned safely and cleanly. These can be discarded in a fire pit or burn barrel thus eliminating this waste for you altogether! (PLEASE no cans, bottles, plastic or other non-Earth-friendly items in the fire pits and burn barrels).

Food can also be prepared before you come up to the event or bring food items that do not require a great deal of preparation and clean up. This will effectively minimize or reduce the amount of products you may have to use to clean up after yourself. Please keep in mind, there is NO RUNNING WATER at this event so cleaning up your food preparation can be very difficult.

Once again we ask that you PLEASE respect your Hosts & Mother Earth by planning ahead and making arrangements to take your trash with you.  For more information on the camping conditions, visit our Camping Supplies Page.

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