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Sales & Vending

Commercial Sales & Vending Is Not Allowed

You have undoubtedly had difficulty finding any information related to vending at Esthetic Evolution because this is a non-commercial event. In the spirit of de-commodification and gifting, the Festival is based upon self-reliance and community-based support. We do not wish to substitute consumption for participatory experience.

We encourage attendees to give of themselves unconditionally and with no contemplation of return or an exchange of something for equal value. We seek to create a social environment that is unmediated by commercial sponsorships, transactions, or advertising of any kind. Therefore, put simply, we do not allow vending at Esthetic Evolution. The Event is supposed to be as much a celebration of music and art as it is an experiment in socio-economic revolution.

Why You Have to Pay For Admission

In some respects  a non-sales philosophy may seem contradictory considering that we ask attendees of the Event to pay for admittance to the Festival. Unfortunately, this is a reality that we must contend with by the very nature of living within a capitalistic society. Another reality is that if we allow vending, the Event would be held responsible for additional regulations imposed by the County which would be very costly. We as promoters of Esthetic Evolution have tried very hard to keep the cost of the Event as low as possible while still providing world class performances and support for local art.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. We certainly hope this does not keep you from attending the Esthetic Evolution Festival and sharing your unique talents openly with the community. Try to imagine a contribution that you might be able to make and embrace a concept of community where there is no expectation and all things are possible. It is a difficult philosophical message for us to relay and one that only participation can teach.

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