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Camping Supplies

Following is a list of suggested items to bring with you to insure your survival as well as your comfort. Please pay special attention to the NOTES of each subsection as they are descriptions and clues as well as requirements for the safe and pleasant experience that we intend to provide for every participant:

Camping Gear

Air Mattress / Sleeping Pad / Cot
Tarp / Groundcover
Shade Canopy & Screen Structure
Rain Cover
Propane (Spare Bottle)
Camp Stove
Sleeping Bags
Camping Shower

NOTES: The ground up in the meadow is not the most even surface. We would prefer that you not go terraforming your camping location but rather, plan to bring mattresses or other sleeping pads to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Although we do not anticipate that we will have any precipitation at the Event, it would be a good idea to be prepared for any adverse weather conditions.

Personal Stuff

Sun Block
Insect Repellent
Alarm Clock
Water Bottle
Costumes & Accessories
Wash Cloth
Toilet Paper
Warm Clothing
Swim Wear

NOTES: You won’t really need that much clothing for the daytime, and clothing is not required. It will, however, be a very good idea to bring layers of clothing to keep you comfortable during the cold evenings and early mornings. Remember, there will be a spot to hang out at the river on Saturday so plan on getting wet as well. Keep in mind that the climate will be very hot and shade will be limited. Plan to be in the sun for an extended period of time by bringing protection for your skin and lips and STAY HYDRATED.

Cooking & Food

Water (2 Gallons Per Person Per Day)
Cooler & Ice
Water Jug & Bucket
Cutlery & Cutting Board
FOOD (2 Breakfast, 2 Lunch, 2 Dinner)
Folding Table
Paper Cups / Plates / Bowls
Snacks / Munchies / Candy
Eating Utensils (Knife / Fork / Spoon)
S’mores Fixins
Aluminum Foil
Marshmallow Cooking Sticks
Ziplock Bags
Garbage Bags
Matches / Lighter
Paper Towels
Pots & Pans
Dish Soap
Cooking Utensils
Scrub Pads
Can Opener / Bottle Opener
Dish Towel

NOTES: There will not be any running water up at the Event so you must plan ahead to bring all of the water and materials you need to keep yourself hydrated and you & your things clean. Ice, bottled water and beer can be purchased at George’s Bar in the main area of the Twin Springs Resort located below and down river from the Meadow (you will have passed it on your way to the Festival).


Hand Wipes / Sanitizer
Ear Plugs
Buckets / Trash Receptacles
Hiking Equipment
Camera & Film / Video / SD Card
Musical Instruments
2-Way Radios / Walkie Talkies
Notepad / Pen
Pocket Knife
Extra Car Keys
Flashlights / Headlamp
Gas Can / Extra Gas
Propane Lantern / Mantles
Fire Extinguisher
Maps / Directions
First-Aid Supplies
Rope / Twine
Tiki Torches / Solar Lights
Duct Tape
Camp Chairs
Hammer / Rubber Mallet
Citronella Candles
Other Assorted Tools

NOTES: We are positive that the muse who inspired this Festival will also be in attendance. Watch for her and make sure you are prepared to express the promptings that she will provide you. We realize this is not the longest adventure you will ever participate in but want to provide you with as many ideas as possible to make sure you are prepared for any thing you would want to do or share at the Event.

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