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Adlib & Ryan Duley

Adlib ImageSeattle, WA
P.O.E. / Shameless

Seattle-based DJ, producer and promoter Devin Kelly has been a techno activist for over a decade. Whether DJing as Adlib or promoting with Shameless and People of Earth (P.O.E), he is constantly sharing a radical vision of good times, heady tunes and dancefloor debauchery with everyone he meets. His versatility, technical skills and mixture of cerebral yet crowd-rocking techno cuts has earned him headlining bookings at clubs, renegade parties and outdoor festivals across the Western US.

Devin is perhaps most well-known as co-creator of Idaho’s Esthetic Evolution, the weekend of forward-thinking music, intentional community and ridiculously good times that has become the Summer right of passage for innumerable West Coast heads. His closing sets at Esthetic are notoriously wacky and unreasonably long. This year’s set (with Esthetic Co-Creator Ryan Duley) –featuring a stupidly eclectic mix of techno, progressive house and spacey morning disco— will hopefully surpass the others in both length and total absurdity.


Ryan Pic
Bend, OR
P.O.E. / pr0cess

Born and raised on the Oregon coast, Ryan found the rhythmic patterns of the ocean an inspirational tool for musical expression. The progression of instrumental medium has varied through the years. In the late nighties the turntable was life and electronic dance music took hold and didn’t let go. 15+ years later and it’s time to close an important chapter in his life culminating Esthetic Evolution with one final closing set.

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