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Portland, OR
EstheticEvolutionFuckingRules Productions
Too / Many / Genres / To / List

Hi, I’m Bacchus. You may remember me from such films as “Shirtcockin’ USA,” “Hickfest 2000,” and “Farm Equipment Naked Photoshoot”. I love hot wings, bike rides, Katie, bigass mountains, morning rainbows, beer, long walks, dysfunctional colors, warm beaches, trees, yoga pants, and most of all, electronic music! So in that spirit I’ll be taking you on one helluva ride to celebrate Esthetic Evolution’s amazing 10-year run. Expect a rousing romp through the digital underworld that will thrill you like a dadgum rollercoaster! We’ll be goin’ full-tilt boogie and feelin’ some serious G-force as I take us careening through the genres and subgenres to arrive at that moment of paradisiacal ecstasy when we all…crap ourselves as I play the brown note. Be there or be a rhombus!

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