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Ben Annand

Ben AnnandLos Angeles, CA
Tech House & Techno

Ben Annand has been djing and producing events based from his home in Los Angeles since 1996. He is a truly underground talent who has made it as a dj the old-fashioned way – through skill and hard work.

Ben has made his mark internationally as one of the only djs to have played both Fabric in London, widely considered the top house/techno club in the world, and the Labyrinth Festival in Japan, widely considered the best house/techno festival in the world. Beyond that he has played at many more of the world’s top clubs and parties including 14 visits to Moscow’s Propaganda club as well as clubs all over Russia and Siberia, Aca World Sound Festival and Metamorphosis (Mexico), Festimad and Rave Goa (Spain), Shambhala (Canada), and Desert Hearts, Photosynthesis and Esthetic Evolution (USA).

Locally he has the honor of being resident dj at Moontribe for the past 16 of its 21 years celebrating the full moon in the California desert, and of organizing and djing at the 60 Tropical events which have raised over $13,500 for charity since 1998.

His unique blend of deep, trippy, yet extremely danceable house and techno music and can be found with about 40 other live mixes including last year’s EE, on his Soundcloud here:


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