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Portland, Oregon
Breakbeats / Drum & Bass / 2step

Jed Black (also known as Electrokid) has been a beat freak since the 80’s. When hip hop broke into the mainstream he was there. Those mechanical, chopped-up robot breaks followed him into the 90’s as they pumped through his deafeningly loud car stereo systems. Bass music has always been his king.

In 1998 Electrokid started djing after hearing breakbeat music at local parties in Portland, Oregon. He originally formulated a style that leaned toward German and Florida electro breaks, but across a span of 15 years he has collected over 6000 drum & bass, 2step, house, and mid and uptempo breakbeats tracks both on vinyl and in digital format. Along with an evolution of style, his mixing format has changed with available technology. He has learned to mix music using vinyl records with conventional Technics 1200s, digital vinyl systems, and fully digital midi controlled devices.

Sans official musical training, his djing has led him to play hundreds of parties ranging from outdoor music festivals to dirty warehouses deep in the city. From 2001-2004 he was a resident at Virus! Breaks; Portland’s longest-running breakbeat weekly. He has also played various radio shows in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon as well as operating a weekly internet broadcast on SoBroken.com. In the year 2025, it is predicted he will be asked to play a mega rave on the International Space Station. Aliens like it funky.

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