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Manos - PIC

Seattle, WA
Innerflight Music

When the lid is taken off the Seattle music scene, which has sired innovators like Jimi Hendrix and Quincy Jones as well as the obvious ’90s grunge explosion, a vibrant, modern electronic music movement is quickly revealed. Rising from this bustle is Manos, an eclectic, floor-pleasing DJ with a veteran’s CV in the northwestern US and a discerning ear for talent as utilized in his A&R duties at acclaimed electronic label Innerflight Music. These roles combine to make Manos an in-demand DJ, armed with an eclectic selection of finely curated sounds, able to satisfy almost any flavor of club night or event. Growing up in a small town outside of Minneapolis, Manos was attracted to the late ’80s / early ‘90s industrial music boom, frequenting the city’s legendary First Avenue club and haunting the many record shops. Like many, Manos’ love for the electronic sounds and experimentation of industrial led him to techno and house music, helped along by the first warehouse raves cropping up at the time. A move to Seattle in the mid-’90s led Manos to a different rave scene and a subtle but noticeable difference in sound and vibe that he found more compelling.

Manos realizes that being an eclectic DJ is a blessing and a curse, with an advantage for playing in many diverse situations perhaps offset by a difficulty to classify an overall sound. However, if one thing does tie the music heard in a Manos DJ set together it’s perhaps a link to psychedelia. By selecting songs with evocative, almost visual elements he aims to give the dance floor a cerebral, otherworldly aspect held to earth in tracks that are also fun and groovy.

It’s this distinctive musical ethos that has led Manos to his position as chief A&R manager at Innerflight Music. Adapting a DJ’s selection process to the mindset of managing a label’s roster has been exciting and challenging for Manos. His ear for diversity influenced Innerflight with releases that, while leaning towards the techno side of things, always included elements that push the fan base outside of usual ‘techno’ circles. Innerflight artists aren’t just interested in one-off tracks, but developing their sounds and careers through music that’s found to be more substantial and timeless. “I look for artists that are always evolving and challenging themselves as musicians, exploring different styles even if it still falls into a broader genre,” says Manos. “I feel that art in general should be exploratory. Exploring emotions, ideas, different techniques and approaches, never content to just keep making the same thing for too long.” It’s this attitude that has attracted renowned artists like Noah Pred, Rennie Foster, Pezzner, Evan Marc (AKA Bluetech), Tomas Jirku, Luke Mandala, Phil Western, and Hanssen to work with the label, growing Innerflight’s profile to an international prominence.

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