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StormshadowBoise, Idaho

P.O.E. & Psymbiotik

Psychedelic Trance


Having a passion for funky, deep, groovin’ bass lines and all things psychedelic, David Michael aka Stormshadow, has been pumping out a blend of progressive psychedelic music for the last 7 years. Introduced to electronic music and rave culture in 1999, he has been a constant staple in Boise Idaho’s dance music scene for the past 13 years and is among one of its longest standing Dj’s. He started mixing records in early 2000 and has played EDM events ever since – mixing everything from hard and progressive trance, Psychedelic break beats and Techno; anything with a grooving bassline. Whether the venue is an underground warehouse, nightclub, or his own personal favorite: outdoors and under the night’s sky, Stormshadow thrives on keeping dance floors pumping. Having a passion for rich, deep, pounding bass lines mixed with trippy, melodic and mysterious melodies, he loves taking crowds to a place where they begin to explore their inner selves and the energy vibrations of those around them. Although David is a self-proclaimed goofball, his love and dedication to electronic music and dance culture can be felt every time he steps up to perform.


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